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Empowering Independent Authors

At Capital S Publishing, we publish books and media that are good for your soul. We pride ourselves on supporting the new author with expert advice, top-notch coaching and referrals to industry experts. 

We are a woman owned minority small business.

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"You must feed your mind with reading material, thoughts, and ideas that open you to new possibilities."



High School Students

The Young Author's Program (YAP) is an 8-month hands on program that provides students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to become published Authors. The 8-month program will educate students on how to prepare, create and launch their own ideas into a published body of work. Once students have the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully become a published author, they can choose to use those skills and repeat the process again on their own. The goal of this program is to:

  *  Expose students to careers in publishing
  *  Increase literacy and numeracy skillset
  *  Expose students to entrepreneurship
  *  Boost confidence in the students gifts, talents and abilities

  *  Teach them how to develop project plans

  *  Produce young authors.


Capital S Publishing, LLC will meet with students for 2-hours each month of the program. The program has a maximum capacity of 20 students. Each student will create a body of work to publish. They will be given one printed copy at the end of the program and participate in a book release/press conference.

The intellectual property will be solely owned by the student. All work will be published by Capital S Publishing LLC and listed on the Capital S Publishing website. 


Capital S Publishing, LLC works with school districts in support of their mission. This program is an excellent opportunity to partner and develop young Authors in high school.  


Contact us! We can make a difference for your students, your school and your community. or by phone at:                  609-881-1801

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